The Universitas Hasanuddin, Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries holds an annual International Marine and Fisheries Symposium to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and other concerned parties in the field s of marine science fisheries to share their research findings, ideas, and experience, as a contribution to advancing the marine and fisheries sector in Indonesia. In this year is the second occasion to have collaboration to held this event with Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.
The world countries have adopted the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) action agenda. Among these seventeen (17) goals, Goal 14 on Life Below Water is intrinsically linked to the marine and fisheries sector. Efforts to achieve SDGs targets and to save our aquatic environments require full attention and support, especially to address the acute pressures and threats to the environment that increase in time.
Much of what happens on land ends up discharging waste or otherwise affecting the seas. The bountiful harvests provided by the seas and other aquatic ecosystems will be lost unless we pay serious attention to the sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems and the living resources therein. In this context, sustainable management of our inland and marine aquatic resources, and achieving the SDGs targets, means taking action both within and outside these environments, and making appropriate lifestyle changes.
Collaboration on holding this event will reinforce this partnership, especially related to SDG 14, Life Under Water, and the sustainable management of marine and fisheries resources. We anticipate that this collaboration will be of benefit to our institutions, our nations, and to the global marine and fisheries community.